Welcome to the Collide School! 

We believe women’s lives not only matter but have amazing potential. As women, we so often face battles, challenges, mindsets, wounds and circumstances that get in the way of the healing and purpose we so desire. At Collide we are passionate about taking intentional steps to grow in our faith, to experience healing for our pain, and to fully tap into God’s purpose and potential for our lives. Because of this, we have created a curriculum to meet women right where they’re at and help walk them to where they want to be. 

Our online courses are chocked full of topics that we are certain will bring hope and help to the places you’re longing to get unstuck. We have collected our favorite experts, pastors, speakers, authors, licensed mental health therapists, Christian women leaders, all to empower you, inspire you, challenge you, and grow you. We are certain that when you run into Jesus you will have a life changing collision that will help you experience the transformation you are hoping for. 

You can expect to walk away from our courses with practical tools, spiritual wisdom, emotional and mental health insights, and real life stories that will help you see movement in the places that have felt stuck, hurt and broken.  

Hop on in, check out our courses and as you say ‘yes’ to growth, healing and purpose, we are sure you will begin experiencing it!